SDU Madrid competes in the DASC Ohayon Invitational

The SDU Madrid boys went 1-1 in bracket play to help them reach a semi final match at the Invitational.  In the 1st game of the tourney the boys came up against Omaha Nitro in what was the Madrid boys’ first match as a team all spring season.  There were some good moments in the match but the lack of playing together thus far this spring showed and the Nitro boys took advantage of the mistakes.  In the 2nd match the Madrid boys started to find their mojo and in doing so cruised to a easy 3-0 victory over the Blaine Bandits.  With that victory the boys qualified for the semi finals against DASC.  In this match 2 “interesting” PK calls propelled the DASC team to a 3-0 victory over the Madrid boys in what was actually a pretty good game outside of those two brief moments.  With the 3 games the Madrid boys showed improvement in each of them and is poised to do some great things in their upcoming event in Denver, CO at the Real Colorado Cup.  Good luck boys!!